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Brief an Ilse

Dear Ilse,
Everything comes to an end..! What pragmatic words!
o let me think back - what do I remember?
The first time I "saw" you was in Vienna, at the wonderful, unforgettable European Congress.
You were the charming Austrian Lady with the warm voice leading us through the Congress, making us feel comfortable. Shining like the Swarovski-heart we received at the end of the Congress...
For me it was my first Congress.
I will never forget it. Indeed, dear Ilse, you left deep positive signs in my life.
Since Vienna I had the pleasure to meet you at so many different places in this world, still I did not have an official task, but you always gave me the feeling, that I was welcome and somehow important.
So many flights together, long fruitful discussions in the planes, at airports, stations... You were always patient with me, helping me and putting me on the right way... always ready to speak on the phone, to answer questions, to answer e-mails.
Yes, you were the Co-ordinator, but you were more than that, you were their friend. Our friend.
My words do not say enough, indeed I do not point out to all the work you did in these 6 years... I could speak for hours!
Thank you…


25.6.07 13:38

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